[Clam-devel] Sample by Sample Processing in Network Editor

Xavier Amatriain xavier at create.ucsb.edu
Thu Dec 21 10:23:52 PST 2006

After many successes using NetworkEditor for sample by sample 
processing I have finally come to face its limitations. As soon as I
have a complex network it becomes impossible to have any efficient 
execution. There are two main problems:

1. It seems that the redrawing routines for the NetworkCanvas are 
called at every Do from the QApplication::exec. Although I understand 
that is necessary for Monitors this
is an overhead that is not acceptable when doing sample by sample 
processing and calling zillions of Do's.

2. (And more important) The overhead introduced by region management 
is also unacceptable and many times even more costly than the
execution of the Do itself. I have done a short spike and I think I 
can optimize many of these functions by creating partial 
specializations of
some template functions when Token=TData. But I am not sure if that 
can even solve the issue.

Any thoughts?


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