fixed Re: [Clam-devel] bug: compile without libmad, etc. is not possible

Pau Arumi parumi at
Tue Dec 26 17:21:50 PST 2006

done using #ifs at the sensible bits of AudioFile.cxx
the good refactoring can be left for when we do plugin audio backends

apparently the first commit have broken the tests (in linux) because 
USE_MAD does not get propagate  (which was another bug).
i'm fixing this one now.


Pau Arumi wrote:
> i was tweeking the build system in order to compile clam without 
> libmad and libvorbis in mac osx.
> the with_mad option was nonfunctional.
> i already disabled the files that #include library files when with_mad==0
> but now i realize that this is not all. AudioFile.cxx uses MpegCodec 
> and OggVorbisCodec so the code
> is not prepared to configurable backends.
> it should be done decoupled with a factory, or at least with #defines

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