[Clam-devel] new mac dmgs

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Fri Jan 26 11:22:35 PST 2007


* new sms dmg. with this one all clam apps are mac friendly!
* improved networkeditor a little bit with a new prototyper icon, and 

* make qt/designer aware of clam plugins. it was a very time consuming 
problem and it seems a qt/designer bug. we'll what qt crew says.
* power-pc versions.
* mp3/ogg support for network editor / prototyper
* release 0.98

about universal binaries, now i'm more for having separate .dmgs instead 
of a single ub. easier to build and easier to download.

david posted a blog entry about the script we use to build bundles:


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