[Clam-devel] finally a mac powerpc for clam development

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Tue Feb 13 12:28:37 PST 2007

today we finally got a power-pc mac box into our office. we'll be using 
it for clam development.  it is a nice "vintage" G4 700Hz. slow but in 
perfect shape for being a testfarm client.

hopefully now we can solve the bug reported by christopher. and as a 
bonus, i won't have to carry my macbook from home everyday!

i've left it compiling all clam dependencies: qt4.2 mac-free, xercesc 
pkgconfig libsndfile libogg libmad libvorbis fftw-single fftw cppunit 

i bet it will take more than 10 hours...


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