[Clam-devel] latests commits

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Thu Feb 15 11:33:27 PST 2007

(my commits, should say)

* many improvements on INSTALL file (it seems to have some bug magnetism)
* commited Andreas patches on ladspa. now we achieved goal 1: show info 
of one library in processing tree.
* added #ifdef USE_LADSPA to protect ladspa coupled code (now works in 
mac and win)

also, we have the ppc mac working!
in the process we have updated the wiki page very much. now it should be 
a smooth tutorial anyone (with a lot of time) could follow.

and the news is that we don't have the processing instantiation problem 
that Christopher is experiencing. btw, can you try the new dmgs on the web?


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