[Clam-devel] ladspa-related commit

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Tue Feb 20 03:23:00 PST 2007

this is mainly for andreas,

i've added a new class in NetworkEditor/src/processing called
dummyladspa, which can be instantiated using the processing tree
(see attached pict). the class now is just a copy of random, but is
ment to be totally changed, to have here the first working
processing->plugin wrapper.

also i've commited a ladspa-related fix in processingtree.cxx (207):
when LADSPA_PATH was undefined we where initializing a std::string
which a void char*. the (commited) change

-       std::string ladspaPath( getenv("LADSPA_PATH") );
+       char* path = getenv("LADSPA_PATH");
+       std::string ladspaPath = path? path : "";

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