[Clam-devel] CLAM and NASPRO

Stefano D'Angelo zanga.mail at gmail.com
Sat Feb 24 05:16:53 PST 2007

Hello everyone,
some of you already know me, I'm Stefano D'Angelo, an Italian
university student who is willing to develop a toolkit for sound
processing applications which can wrap existing modular processing
APIs (LADSPA, LV2, VST, DSSI, etc.) both for use and for generation of
such plugins.

As pointed out by David, our two projects may share some points, so
maybe it would be fine to cooperate someway or at least to keep in

If you don't mind I'll keep you informed on how my coding is going and
on relevant news.
Right now I set up a project page on Sourceforge, from which you can
already take a look at the code I already wrote (a few lines of code
right now)... a website will come sooner or later.

Look forward to hearing from you,


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