[Clam-devel] [LADSPA] patch for adding all available ladspa plugins in the processing tree

Andreas Calvo flipy.bcn at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 06:37:51 PST 2007

This patch will allow any user to see in the Processing Tree, under the
Dummy Ladspa branch, all plugins available in the "/usr/lib/ladspa"
Also, it will output in the console, all information relative to all the
plugins loaded.
And, if you drag&drop any plugin from the Tree to the console, it will show
you the ID generated for the plugin.

+ (done) early support for libraries (through map and list)
+ (done) complementary data in the QTreeWidgetItem
+ (done) ID for ladspa tokenized with '|'
+ first steps to instantiate using NetworkCanvas::addProcessing
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