[Clam-devel] new devel wiki and clam osx build

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Tue Mar 13 04:14:51 PDT 2007

probably you've noted that from last week, the "devel" menu in
the web links to the Devel space of this (media) wiki

we are in the process of sorting and moving contents from the old
wiki (based on moin) which was not really meant for public

the new wiki is open to new editors, and we'd like it to be
really a collaborative site and a common knowledge base. so
please feel free to correct/enhance existing doc or create new
pages or discussion pages. but remember to send notices to
clam-devel list so people is aware of changes.

today's revamped page is Mac OSX build (link from INSTALL has
been updated)



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