[Clam-devel] today's commits: ladspa functional (not perfect) and 0.99 release

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Mon Mar 19 14:56:26 PDT 2007

a very busy development day! ladspa is working. see: 
today's "silent" 0.99 release went well, tomorrow we'll do the
1.0 release.


  * small changes in doDebianPackages and ProcessingTree (removed 

  * LadspaFactory now uses ErrFactory. this fixes a bug whith non 
existing key in NE

  * extracted ErrFactory.hxx from Factory.hxx

  * Networks/ProcessingDefinitionAdapter now uses LadspaFactory 
as a fall-back to create processings like Network does

  * LadspaWrapper and LadspaWrapperCreator added a new attribute 
_factoryKey and defined GetClassName to it. this fixes save and r
estore xml netwrok  with ladspas

  * NetworkEditor/README added Prototyper usage

  * ProcessingTree.cxx added "experimental" comment on LADSPA

  * follow-up of last commit: removed AudioOut closes bug #198

  * removed AudioOut from NE ProcessingTree (now we use PortAudio)

  * removed "won't work" comment in LADSPA sub-tree 

  * fixed bug (from last ladspa commit) in Network: created 
wrapper was discarded

  * LadspaFactory: simplified error code

  * LadspaPluginsExplorer removed couts

  * LadspaWrapper: removed couts

  * fix for last ladspa commit: ProcessingTree.cxx needed an include

  * Network.cxx: adding debug traces to locate LadspaWrapper bug

  * fix last ladspa commit: ProcessingTree.hxx should not include 

  * hopefully fix for compilation of non-defined USE_LADSPA

  * fix last commit: Network.cxx should have #ifdef USE_LADSPA 
protections around LadspaFactory

  * fix last commit: LadspaFactory::RegisteredKeys() didn't 
return. it was an ugly bug

* more comments for the last ladspa related commits:
  * finished (quick and dirty) LadspaFactoryTest
  * created NetworkEditor/src/LadspaFactory.hxx
  * added ladspaFactory to ProcessingTree
   * created factory
   * add creators for all plugin
   * set factoryID in drag object
    + made LadspaFactory a singleton
    + moved DummyLadspa to LadspaWrapper
    + created LadspaWrapperCreator
    + use CLAM::Processing
    + use hidden column 1 in ProcessingTree to store the 
className (or factorID)

  * applyied several andreas calvo patches towards integrating 
  with the Factory infrastructure. thanks a lot andreas!!
  andreas' description of the changes:
    The last few days I've running some tests under the ladspa 
    for CLAM, based on a UnitTest (LadspaFactoryTest) that Pau 
gave me.
    That leaded to some big changes in the structure. The main 
    was that the current factory was not compatible with what we 
    to wrap a ladspa plugin, so first step was to make a 
    (and later we'll merge it with the current factory somehow). 
On the
    other hand, as opposed as the current processing, Ladspa 
needed a
    little bit more information. So there's a new class called
    LadspaPluginExplorer which generates a structure that holds 
all the
    information needed and give it to the ProcessingTree to 
generate the
    LadspaTree (in fact, it's a use-and-trash object).
    Next we created two new classes, LadspaWrapper and
    LadspaWrapperCreator... Sure the name explains by itself, but 
    one it's a wrap of a ladspa plugin, and the second one it's 
    in the LadspaFactory to store objects with their key.

  * Changes in Network so it uses LadspaFactory when the normal 
  rises an exception. Still not functional.

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