[Clam-devel] smstools temptative qt4 port

David García Garzón dgarcia at iua.upf.edu
Mon Apr 2 02:08:13 PDT 2007

Well i applied Zach's patch for smstools (thanks again, Zach) and I did some 
hacking to apply the patch to qtvm files i moved to smstools and setup SCons, 
ui's and the resources. All is up and running but not so well. Check the 


The list of issues i found is to large to my taste:
- Submenu's entries got duplicated by the port tool. See the shots. Easy to 
- Frame visualizations does not get updates because problems on the slot 
comunication and appear blank.
- Sonogram crashes.
- Sintracks are drawn in black over black background (normally is a gradient
- WaitDialog crashes on a race condition accessing qt.
- In general Qt4 is more picky on preventing race conditions so if you do some 
bad moves among threads we did on qt3 it just stop the actions with a 
bunch of warnings:
- Signals/slots used as functions pass complex objects between threads what is 
not feasible.
- Crashes randomly, i supose as result of some of the previous.
- (Not port related) Melody extraction crashes 'Spectral Peak Descriptors 
require a linear magnitude SpectralPeakArray'

All those issues are solvable but I just wanted to get rid quickly of the old 
vmqt module from the main repository and to concentrate on the new qt4 one. 
Fixing all those issues may take long while yesterday i got the smstools 
compiling and running nicely with a moved subset of vmqt. I feel any time 
spent on fixing the old vmqt library thrown away.

Do I svn-copy the qt4 port into a temporary separate folder (at branches?) so 
whoever wants to (Zach?) can fix all those issues? Then commit just the move 
and the deletion of vmqt? Do you fill is worth getting the port done?

David García Garzón
(Work) dgarcia at iua dot upf anotherdot es
(Home) vokimon at telefonica adot net
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