[Clam-devel] LPC on streaming, and AudioWindowing

David García Garzón dgarcia at iua.upf.edu
Tue Apr 3 20:10:44 PDT 2007

LPC_AutoCorrelation has been modified in order to work on the NetworkEditor. 


The goal is to have several multidimensional data working to do an abstraction 
on DataSources, PortMonitors and InstantViews. Beside that, It could be 
interesting to have such feature integrated on the Annotator and it could be 
useful for the vowel analysis.

In the process i implemented an AudioWindowing processing which has been 
implemented again and again as part of other processing composites.

As Pau and me discussed on the irc, there is something insane in the way of 
considering AudioPort in CLAM vs Port<Audio>. Most processings use the first 
one. But once you have tokenized the audio into a audio buffer you should not 
be able to treat it with different window size as AudioPort allows. This 
could lead to the problem of using the SpectralSynth without an 
OverlapAndAdd. The idea is use AudioWindowing and OverlapAndAdd as border 
elements. Then the problem is, for example, which kind of port should use 

David García Garzón
(Work) dgarcia at iua dot upf anotherdot es
(Home) vokimon at telefonica adot net
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