[Clam-devel] PATCH: file refactoring reprise

Zach Welch zach-clam-devel at splitstring.com
Thu Apr 12 16:16:37 PDT 2007

Hi all,

The attached patch contains revised changes for a new ConfigurableFile
base class.  I added some comments/documentation to help clarify its
purpose and re-usability.  If you want to see  only changes since the
last patch, you can use the following command (from patchutils):

  interdiff common-file-refactoring{,-v3}.patch | less

The ConfigurableFile class is abstract, so it can not be tested
directly.  This patch does include updates to existing tests, providing
fairly extensive coverage of the AudioFile class functionality.  It does
provide a solid (but minimal) foundation for further work, which can be
demonstrated immediately in a second patch (to be posted separately).

Further refactoring might include:
  * Move more file operations to new base class (e.g. FileExists).
  * Create EFileFormat from EAudioFileFormat; move type handling.
  * Further abstract "back-end" handling (e.g. audio/video codecs)

Some of the features above will emerge as I complete new functionality,
but the existing patch provides enough for now.



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