[Clam-devel] Use of Statistics

Xavier Amatriain xavier at create.ucsb.edu
Tue Apr 17 10:00:34 PDT 2007

Yesterday on irc I found out that snollux was implementing a standard
deviation computation when we have a "wonderful" statistic computation
module in CLAM. It is true that this BasicOps and Stats are a bit hard
to use out-of-the-box and even more when there is no clear usage example
in the repository (beyond their use in descriptors). 

I am attaching what once was the BasicOps and Stats usage example. 
I think it did not make it into the repository because it depended on
third-party code (the CUIDADO stuff should be taken out). But beside
this, it could be a good start for a usage example... unless we want to
encourage people not to use those implementations.

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