[Clam-devel] Developing a peak detection monitor

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Wed Apr 18 11:40:49 PDT 2007

Hi Folks!
I am brand new to CLAM and have found it to be very adaptable.  I am currently using it as the analysis tool for a software-based tachometer that i'm developing.  The basic approach is to pass the input audio (live or from a file) through the Fundamental analyis and let the ControlPrinter spit the fundamental frequency out to standard output.  This fundamental frequency is very close to the actual RPM of the device (in Hz) and has been very useful for rough (+/- 5%) estimates.
However, i'm moving into areas where i'm measuring velocity and acceleration, and have found that this approach is not adequate.  I have found, through converting WAV files to ASCII and perl scripts, that measuring peak to peak times is much more accurate and precise.  I would like to try to implement this in CLAM, but don't know where to start.
First of all, i guess i would like to know if there is existing code that can identify peak values over a given threshold, and whether that code can pass the values in the form of a timestamp or sample #.  If not, i'm going to have to roll my own.
I just wonder if any of you have advice for how i should tackle this.  It will be my first C++ project in about 5 years, and my first Qt project ever.  I did look through some of the existing code in SVN and feel like i have a reasonable shot at making something useful...but would love some input!
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