[Clam-devel] New testfarm server

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Tue Apr 24 11:19:16 PDT 2007

Till three weeks or so the testfarm server machine broke (severe
HD failure), and till now we've been using testfarm in "lonely
client" mode.
Now I've just set up a new testfarm server in my university
desktop as a provisional solution. So now you can see again
multiple testfarm columns (clients).

The new think is that this server have public IP, so now we can
aggregate clients from outside the university, and so have a
bunch of different monitored platforms.
You can test it this way: Edit
CLAM/scripts/clam_testfarm_build.py and change the client name to
something that describes your platform. At the end of the file
you'll see that it is already configured with the new server URL.
And run the script and see a new columns appear in the testfarm



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