[Clam-devel] New cool NetworkEditor feature

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Wed May 9 12:19:53 PDT 2007

Andreas and me have programmed a cool new feature this afternoon:
Double-click on an in-control automatically creates an
OutControlSender with correct bounds.
Take a look at this screenshot:


Without this feature it would have taken ages to give proper
values (min, max, name,... ) to these many ControlSenders!
Now it's as simple as double-clicking each control.

TODO: add the action to the contextual menu.

As you can see in the changelog, this involved adding bounds
state to the CLAM::InControl. Now only ladspa wrapper use it, but
many processings should. So it's a matter of adding then in 
ConcreteConfigures. Commits and patches on this are very
welcome. And I think it's a good starting point for new


commit 10084
  * New feature to NetworkEditor: double-click on an in-control
    automatically creates an OutControlSender with correct bounds
  ** NetworkCanvas: new addOutControlSenderProcessing(...) method
  ** ProcessingBox: several new methods to get InControl
     properties (i.e. bounds)

commit 10083
  * Enriched InControl interface with bounds (lower, upper) and a
    isBounded() hint set to false by default
  * Added UnitTests for new InControl bounds interface
  * LadspaWrapper uses ladspa bounds hints to update its InControl
  * NetworkEditor shows InControl Bounds information as a tooltip
    (mouse over in-control)

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