[Clam-devel] Last commits: two API changes

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Fri Jun 15 07:08:42 PDT 2007

Today morning's commits by David and me (pair programming session)

  * Transversal refactoring: drop GetExecState() in Processing
    (Step 1 of 2)
  ** Change uses of GetExecState() for IsConfigured() and
     IsRunning(). Not finished yet.

  * Transversal refactoring: changed
    Mono|MultiChannerAudioFileReader classes
  ** Added direct access to Header and TextDescriptors, hidding
     the AudioFile (now is implementation detail)
  ** Updated all (many!) uses

  * Added methods in Processing base class: IsConfigured() and
  ** Next step is to make GetExecState() private and update uses

Last revision 10238

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