[Clam-devel] TIP: how to diff changes from a stable version

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Fri Jun 22 03:29:22 PDT 2007

Since the change of SVN for CVS in Clam we don't (explicitly) tag
the releases. The tag is a revision number written in the CHANGES
file. This is the two steps how-to diff changes from a stable

1) Look for the svn revision corresponding to a stable version in 
the CHANGES file

  NetworkEditor$ head CHANGES
  2007-??-?? NetworkEditor 1.1.1 SVN $Revision: 10220 $

  2007-06-08 NetworkEditor 1.1.0
  'More eye-candy, please'
   * SVN Revision: 10216
   * Using CLAM 1.1.0
   * New examples
     * genderChange: fully working now and with an interface

So revision is 10216

2) diff the files you want between that version and head

NetworkEditor$ svn diff -r 10216:HEAD src/processing/SMSTranspose.cxx


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