[Clam-devel] new plugin load logic of the ProcessingTree

Andreas Calvo flipy.bcn at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 04:29:21 PDT 2007

With the old LadspaFactory, the load of LADSPA plugins was done using a
LadspaPluginExplorer, which function was to search in some directories for
plugin libraries, and then return a list of a structure of plugins. So the
ProcessingTree just received the list and inserted the plugin into the
LadspaFactory instance.

Now, since the same factory can handle all kind of plugins, this logic needs
to change.
This involves two steps (in my opinion):
First, we need to add some metainfo to the plugin in the moment we're
inserting into the Factory. Most obvious metadata is the category of the
plugin. But this need some background too, and it's related to the new
ProcessingFactory, which is gonna be the container of the plugins and their
category. So it is necessary to map one object with one category, and to be
able to export categories and relation between objects.
Once the ProcessingFactory can return some lists based on the category they
belong, the processing tree logic can change: create the tree based on the
category of the plugin.

So, in a more simple way, the ProcessingTree just retrieve data, it doesn't
insert anything.

Moreover, I've been thinking that maybe it is necessary to add some method
to remove a specific plugin from the factory (this is most related with the
way Faust is handled).
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