[Clam-devel] patch to be - tonal analysis with configuration

Roman Goj roman.goj at gmail.com
Thu Jul 5 12:44:05 PDT 2007


I'm back to working on CLAM full time afer an unexpectedly long break...

I'm trying to add configuration to Tonal Analysis - the patch is
attached (and a new file for the NetEdit source tree). I'm not adding
[PATCH] to the subject as I'm not really sure this is the way to
approach this... counting on some feedback :)

(Of course I understand this will have to wait? Good luck tomorrow for
the conference :) )

What this patch does:
* takes all the variables passed to the Simac::ChordExtractor and makes
the same variables available as configuration for NetworkEditor
* adds a reconfigure() method to Simac::ChordExtractor and
ConstantQTransform, which basically goes through a similar process as
when running the constructors for those classes
* changes the .clamnetwork files appropriately (did I forget any?)

What it doesn't do even though it should:
* all the parameters except the ones used by ConstantQTransform don't
get really affected by any changes in the configuration within the
network (simply the reconfigure method of ChordExtractor doesn't do
anything other then call reconfigure() and sparsekernel() for

It all seems to be working, I've tried changing the parameters and I
guess the results are as expected (for example I can force the algorithm
to ignore the lower frequency notes... to some extent only though). I
can't really get lower then about 70-80 Hz as the min. frequency, then
things start to go wrong... maybe the fourier transform length would
have to get a new size? I should investigate what's happening here...
for now at least nothing crashes.

OK, now the questions, loads of them :) I may forget some here...

1. This seems a very temporary method of accomplishing configuration for
 TonalAnalysis... all the classes that TonalAnalysis uses are supposed
to become composite processings, did I understand this correctly? A
future TODO for me? Maybe I should start with this, is there something I
won't be able to figure without the tutorial in the making? This way I
guess I wouldn't have to write seperate reconfigure() methods where
there soon should be official ConcreteConfigure :) (though adding simple
reconfigure helps me to understand things better and should be easy to
convert to ConcreteConfigure)

2. Maybe this is a silly or even annoying question (sorry :( ), but are
there any rules in naming convetions I should obey? The page on the wiki
about this is deprecated and anyway it seems to me the Tonal code at
least doesn't stick to it anyway... Can I try to clean up the code a bit
and make it obey the conventions more? Ie. the member variables are
often called _foo - this should be mFoo, am I wrong? or sometimes
they're simply called foo, which gets hard when I need to write:

void func(ifoo)
	foo = ifoo;

instead of, as it seemed to me most of the code did:

void func(foo)
	_foo = foo;
or even
	mFoo = foo;

I'm very sorry for bringing this up... but it would really be easier to
undertand things for me if I could use one naming convention...

Also cosmetic changes - I changed the long list of declarations of
members of ChordExtractor so that each name is nicely aligned. Can I
continue making changes like this, or are there reasons things are as
they are now?

Also - could I add more comments...? Somehow I feel at a loss even in my
own code if I don't have the comments... they usually help me get around
the source faster (I've no idea why, actually :/ ) ...but I guess it
might be annoying for some to see comments taking the code's space?

3. This question should've been first probably. I don't know how to make
it possible to set the config variables in the NetworkEditor to values
lower then 0.01. Example:
I put constantQKernelThreshold as a configuration variable, normally
it's default value is 0.0054, but NetworkEditor shows it as 0.01 anyway
and I can't make it lower then that.
Am I missing something obvious? Where can I change this?

Thanks for your help!

Again - good luck tomorrow! :)
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