[Clam-devel] Voice2MIDI

Hernán Ordiales h at ordia.com.ar
Sun Jul 15 16:52:38 PDT 2007

Last days I was trying voice2midi and i get different errors from
different computers, in one works only midi and in the other only
works audio (at least here is usable as application)

was tested with jackd and any other posible application that can
use/block audio not running (killed)

when audio fails (on rec) i get:
"ALSAAudioDevice::Start(): Failed to create PCM device."

btw, last days i also wrote a "CLAM introduction" in Spanish[1] and i
had received a good feedback about it by private mails or by musix irc
channel... seems that many people is going to start playing with clam
:-) Indeed a user wanted to give a try Voice2MIDI and got same error
than me both with midi as pcm audio (but in the same computer)

it's a know bug or something like that?

seems a feature from CLAM libs, not only Voice2Midi

anyway, i told him that voice2midi is going to be ported to NE soon
(and that also means jack compatibility)

I also think now Voice2MIDI INSTALL file needs 'prefix' option to
compile, i'll update it.

[1] "Introducción a CLAM":  http://audiores.uint8.com.ar/blog/?p=111
GnuPG: 0xEE8A3FE9

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