[Clam-devel] SMSSynthesis + SVN

Greg Kellum greg.kellum at gmail.com
Mon Aug 20 02:37:46 PDT 2007

Hi all,

I sent a patch with some changes to SMSSynthesis to the list a few weeks
ago.  (The changes ensured that only 1 IFFT was calculated rather than 3 if
only the audio mixdown outport was connected.)  Would anyone have anything
against my committing these changes?

Also, I added an example to the examples folder called loopMaker, but it´s
actually not really an example.  It´s a utility program that when given a
Wav file coverts it to SDIF format and extracts some information about its
pitch, amplitude, and optimal loop points which it saves to XML.  The point
of this application is to make it easier to make a database of audio
material for the synthesizer I've been working on.  Um...  As it's not
really an example but rather a utility, is there a better place for me to
put it in SVN?

By the way I checked out the dynamically loaded plugins for the
NetworkEditor this morning.  That feature is really cool!!!  I don't
understand how it works, but that only makes it all the more impressive.

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