[Clam-devel] [PATCH] some tiny additions to the chord segmentation method

Roman Goj roman.goj at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 06:55:33 PDT 2007


Long time no see :)

First - thanks David and Pau for fixing two problems with the code I

...so in light of that (and even not in that light :) ) I think it's
best if I continue to send my patches to the ML list now, no? I guess I
won't have the time to really substantiate any worries about my flooding
the ML with patches these days...

Second of all (though should be first of all :) ) - I think I have not
issued a thank you statement to any official recorded medium after the
end of the Summer of Code, have I? ;-)

So - a great many thanks to everyone in CLAM for the great opportunity,
the great summer and the great library! :-) And also raising my bottle
of mineral water to all fellow clam GSoC'ers! :-) Thanks, I had a great

But back to business :)

This patch is really small and probably unnecessary, just adding to the
chord similarity segmentation method... which is a bit pointless before
we have an evaluation framework, to test the methods. But I had that
code (more or less as it is committed) in my sandbox for a loooong time
and wanted to have it committed before starting on the eval. framework.
At least it showed some results on the one song I've been testing on so
far... anyway - committing, it'll be really easy to reverse if it turns
out not to improve anything.

I also did two smaller commits, but not even sending the patches,
because it was just deleting a file I committed by accident and deleting
some code that was used before the ChordSegmentation class was put in
it's own cozy include :)

* added a correlation difference threshold for the chord similarity
segmentation method in addition to the chord similariy threshold
* typo correction weigth -> weight

* added an .old version of a file I had in my local sandbox
(should've been "removed", not "added"... I removed because I added :/ )

* the ChordExtractorSegmentation class from the ChordExtractor tool is
no longer used and won't be, so removed

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