[Clam-devel] Testing the last low-latency ladspa

globot gglobot at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 02:38:12 PST 2007


today i was trying to work with low latency and ladspa,
i couldn't reach my goal.

something strange happen when using a low latency jackd (48000Hz, 64 
frames, 2 buffers), the ladspa plugin i used (Glame HighPass filter) 
seems to process only 64 frames out of 512 frames (the remaining frame 
equal 0) plus the sample rate of the plugin is set to 44100  instead of 

I don't know exactly what is the problem. I first define the jack 
backend, then it as network player, then load the XML.

to test it I just connect a filereader to Sink_0
and use a "Glame HighPassFilter" between the file reader and Sink_1

I Took screen shot of the output, on the bottom right a number indicate 
the number of frames of the selection.

Something else seem strange to me, both output have absolutly no latency 
difference, with or without ladspa (and the ladspa process is executed). 
I tested it with a 512 framed jackd and it was perfect (no glitch).

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