[Clam-devel] all dmgs for both ppc and intel macs

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Fri Feb 2 08:17:07 PST 2007

Christopher Tignor wrote:
> On my OS 10.3.9 PPC system dragging any object into the NewtworkEditor produces the message:
> the processing type "<object>" is not supported
it seems like if the processing factory of libclam_processing is not 
please check if those processings do work (allows to be dragged)

OneOverF, Random, RandomPitches, SMSTranspose, SquareWave

the particularity of these 5 processings are defined in NetworkEditor 
and not in libclam_processing.
xavi, can you repeat this bug?
> Also only manually closing the editor window seems to quite the app, not apple-q or selecting quit from the pulldown menu.
i don't remember if i've ever tried it with the intel version. i'll try 
on monday
> Do I have to install any supplemental libraries for this to work?
no, all libraries should be in the bundle.

btw, christopher, which audio backend is using NetworkEditor 
(buttom-right corner of the window)? Portaudio or jack?


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