[Clam-devel] all dmgs for both ppc and intel macs

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Tue Feb 6 05:01:00 PST 2007

Xavier Amatriain wrote:
> Pau Arumi wrote:
>> Christopher Tignor wrote:
>>> On my OS 10.3.9 PPC system dragging any object into the 
>>> NewtworkEditor produces the message:
>>> the processing type "<object>" is not supported
>> it seems like if the processing factory of libclam_processing is not 
>> working.
>> please check if those processings do work (allows to be dragged)
>> OneOverF, Random, RandomPitches, SMSTranspose, SquareWave
>> the particularity of these 5 processings are defined in NetworkEditor 
>> and not in libclam_processing.
>> xavi, can you repeat this bug?
> The NetworkEditor works fine for me in the powerpc, could it have 
> something to do with not
> having the path defined for the libraries?
No the app should use the dynamic libs inside the bundle.
It seems a bug with Qt drag-and-drop and Mac 10.3.

Christopher try to add processings right-clicking on the canvas and 
writing the type (AudioSource, for example).
Does it work?

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