Fwd: [Clam-devel] CLAM and NASPRO

Stefano D'Angelo zanga.mail at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 09:09:18 PST 2007

Sorry, gmail is DUMB!

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From: Stefano D'Angelo <zanga.mail at gmail.com>
Date: 25-feb-2007 14.26
Subject: Re: [Clam-devel] CLAM and NASPRO
To: Xavier Amatriain <xavier at create.ucsb.edu>

2007/2/25, Xavier Amatriain <xavier at create.ucsb.edu>:
> Stefano, good to see you here.
> Btw, I was also talking to Tim Blechmann a couple of days ago. He is
> presenting pnpd, a new
> environment a la PD that also shares many commonalities in LAC this year.

Good! I've seen its website and maybe that could be of some interest
for NASPRO too.

> It's a pity I can't be in LAC as there are many interesting
> presentations :( I'd like to hear'
> what Lazzirini has done in the PySndObj module because it sounds to me a
> lot like something
> we have been talking about adding into CLAM for some time.

Due to problems with university, probably I won't be there too... such
a pity :-(

Anyway, my first technical question :-D
Do you use UTF-8 as character encoding in CLAM?


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