[Clam-devel] [LADSPA] patch for adding all available ladspa plugins in the processing tree

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Thu Mar 8 09:23:48 PST 2007

find attached a corrected version of the patch.

andreas and me have been discussing (i mean, presentially) how to
develop this further, and it involves changing many lines of this
patch. so i wont commit it as is but will wait for more changes.
if you want to try the patch (this or any other) do the following
being in the root dir of svn tree:

$ patch -p0 < andreas-explore-ladspa.patch

good news is that the redesign will imply making the processing
factories more flexible and powerful so that they will give an
homogeneous interface to instantiate any kind of processing
(native or from any plugin architecture) while hiding all the
instantiation information. quite an exciting redesign!


En/na Pau Arumi ha escrit:
> En/na Andreas Calvo ha escrit:
>> This patch will allow any user to see in the Processing Tree, under 
>> the Dummy Ladspa branch, all plugins available in the 
>> "/usr/lib/ladspa" directory.
>> Also, it will output in the console, all information relative to all 
>> the plugins loaded.
>> And, if you drag&drop any plugin from the Tree to the console, it will 
>> show you the ID generated for the plugin.
>> updates:
>> + (done) early support for libraries (through map and list)
>> + (done) complementary data in the QTreeWidgetItem
>> + (done) ID for ladspa tokenized with '|'
>> + first steps to instantiate using NetworkCanvas::addProcessing
> thanks for the patch andreas!
> it needs some adjustments: it not compiles here.
> src/NetworkCanvas.hxx: In member function ‘virtual void 
> NetworkCanvas::dropEvent(QDropEvent*)’:
> src/NetworkCanvas.hxx:319: error: ‘class QString’ has no member named 
> ‘substr’
> src/NetworkCanvas.hxx:319: error: ‘class QString’ has no member named 
> ‘find’
> the offending line is:
> QString type = 
> event->mimeData()->text().substr(0,event->mimeData()->text().find('|'));
> as i'm quite busy at the moment i'll wait your fix to commit the
> changes.
> pau
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