[Clam-devel] [OS X] Scons error with apps

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Tue Mar 27 11:51:10 PDT 2007

Owen Green wrote:
> Hello,
> I've hit a puzzler trying to build the applications on OS X (10.4.8). 
> The Clam libs built and installed fine (it seems), but when I go to 
> build any of the applications I get an 'IndexError' from scons.
>> scons: warning: Could not detect qt, using moc executable as a hint 
>> (QTDIR=/opt/local)
>> File "SConstruct", line 23, in ?
>> Loading nsis tool...
>> Loading Bundle tool
>> Lodading dmg tool...
>> Version:  0.4.8
>> Package version:  0.4.8
>> IndexError: list index out of range:
>>   File "SConstruct", line 245:
>>     BUNDLE_ICON='resources/CLAM.icns',
>>   File "/opt/local/lib/scons/SCons/Environment.py", line 161:
>>     return apply(self.builder, (self.env, target, source) + args, kw)
>>   File "/opt/local/lib/scons/SCons/Builder.py", line 581:
>>     return self._execute(env, target, source, OverrideWarner(kw), ekw)
>>   File "/opt/local/lib/scons/SCons/Builder.py", line 553:
>>     tlist, slist = self._create_nodes(env, overwarn, target, source)
>>   File "/opt/local/lib/scons/SCons/Builder.py", line 503:
>>     t_from_s = slist[0].target_from_source
> This happens even if I do 'scons help', so I'm suspecting it's 
> something either arcane or blindingly obvious.
> In any case, I've made sure all the dependencies are there and up to 
> date, including scons, and checked that my PATH is sensible, but am 
> mystified.
> If anyone could give me any pointers on diagnosing this, I'd be very 
> grateful!

hi owen,
i'm also mystified. what is your scons version?
here v0.96.92.D002, 2006/04/11

try defining install_prefix option (if it's not)

try commenting all the lines in SConstruct related to mac_bundle. it is not
necessary to compile.

and report back, of course.


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