minimum control width (was Re: [Clam-devel] two new patches in bug tracker)

Zach Welch zach-clam-devel at
Thu Mar 29 16:11:25 PDT 2007

On Thursday 29 March 2007 10:40, Pau Arumi wrote:
> En/na Zach Welch ha escrit:
> in order to commit the patch i'd like to have 2 things fixed:
> - (important) default widget is the horizontal one, not vertical
> - be able to make vertical and know widgets small. now the
>    numerical box can't swrink.

My code simply takes the minimum size suggested by the control and uses that; 
we can go smaller, but it may allow the user to resize the widget such that 
it would not be fully useable.  If I select the SpinBox option (and give the 
processing widget a short name), then I can shrink the widget to a very small 
size. As for the knot/dial, I think it is a trade between a minimum footprint 
and a gentler interface; as this case shows, you can't always have both. 

Certainly, there remains room for improvement here. For example, I considered 
the possibility of adding state to conditionally add the spinbox to the 
graphical interface, when precision/feedback is not desirable. This would 
require a change to the core processing class, though, so I skipped it.



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