[Clam-devel] Oscillating Notch

Hernán Ordiales h at ordia.com.ar
Wed Jul 4 21:49:38 PDT 2007

On 7/4/07, Xavier Amatriain <xavier at create.ucsb.edu> wrote:
> I am trying out the svn compiled NetworkEditor and it seems that
> Oscillating Peak Notch
> does not work. The filter is ok but the center frequency does not
> oscillate any more.
> Unfortunately I won't have time to look into it before my demo tomorrow
> but at least I thought
> it was worth reporting the bug in case anybody had a quick solution.

you mean OscillatingSpectralNotch processing?
if yes continue reading...

i did a fast check to see if was related with the last add of
InControl bounds... but seems all ok and not related (or at least i
didn't found nothing)

i'm talking about 10188 revision

my 0.2 cents
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