[Clam-devel] [PATCH] pulling up the Processing Factory the to base Factory class

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Thu Aug 9 09:28:02 PDT 2007

The patch have been improved (in a pair programming session with 
Andreas) and commited on revision 10592

Commit log:
  * All ProcessingFactory metadata has been pushed to Factory base
    class so now we can use the registrator
    to put metadata
  * New registrator tests
  * Removed LadspaPluginsExplorer class
  * Ladspa loading is done in RunTimeProcessingLibraryLoader
  ** TODO: refactor: extract two different subclasses in different
     cxx one for clam plugins other for ladspas
  * MyFFT: small fix on registrator
  * ProcessingTree removed commented out code

Now, next todos on the plugins area are:

     *  Change static metadata classes to Registrator char*
        constructor for the spacialization plugin
     * The same for (some) clam processings (not plugins)
     * NE/ProcessingTree use some category attribute to construct
       the tree
     * 'Milestone: get rid of the char* processingClasses[]
       hardcoded tree.
     * use some attribute to distinguish LADSPA and CLAM (and...) =>
       so processing tree does not know about ladspa
     * Factory refactoring: unify two registry maps (creator and
     * Refactor RuntimeLibraryLoader to separate Ladspa and clam
       plugins. Use hollywood (template method) pattern.
     * Add plugin functionality (ladspa, clam) to OfflinePlayer. Or
       any NetworkPlayer class actually.
           o compile agains RunTime(Ladsap)Loader.cxx
Not so high prio:
     * load lv2 plugins
     * load lv2 midi plugins


En/na Andreas Calvo ha escrit:
> This patch makes a movement from the Processing Factory to the base 
> class of the Factory.
> Since all plugins stored in the factory will be tagged in some way, it 
> was needed to pull up all definitions and methods of the Processing 
> Factory class.
> BTW, the Processing Factory singleton has been kept until a code review.
> Next step is to add the Registrator method.
> -----------------------------------

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