[Clam-devel] [Fwd: about CLAM audio]

David García Garzón dgarcia at iua.upf.edu
Mon Aug 13 03:30:52 PDT 2007

El Monday 13 August 2007 04:40:23 Hernán Ordiales va escriure:
> On 8/10/07, Pau Arumi <parumi at iua.upf.edu> wrote:
> > En/na globot ha escrit:
> > > about documentation, to be honest the doxygen doc is like a cheese with
> > > a lot of hole. You should think about people that don't know much about
> > > sound (like me). So a small a synthetique explanation about each
> > > element would be great. For example, i want to use a 3 band filter,
> > > there is an input for controller named "Amount", i do not know what is
> > > it and can't find a small explanation (so i have to experiment and
> > > loose time). this kind of example can be found a little evrywhere this
> > > is the difficulty,
> >
> > agree. documentation of each processing algorithm, port and control
> > is another open trench. actually we are going to make this doc
> > available from runtime. so for instance, networkeditor processing
> > tree will show the doc. this feature (related to plugins and
> > metadata) will appear very soon, and it will (hopefully) motivate
> > adding brief doc of most of the processings.
> i was going to propose to add help for each processing in context menu
> (for many sms transformations i think can be taken from smstools score
> dialog) but i don't know if that is already a consequence of your
> words...
> question: it's clam's wiki a place for a little theoretical things?
> because if does, maybe is a good idea add one wiki page for each
> processing or at least for any worth (not obvious)
> transformation/effect. At least a short description, examples and
> maybe some audio demos.

It just depends on which is the documentation you want to add. Could you be 
more explicit, please?

Not having yet set a way of adding run-time help to the processings, if that 
information refers to a single processing that information should go to the 
doxygen including code examples. If you need further information such as 
wavefiles or network examples we could use the wiki or the web to host them 
and link them from the doxygen. Anyway i think network examples should go 
into the svn, which the web interface gives access. About general theoretical 
things, not refering just to a single processing, the wiki is the place but 
if it affects the coding you should consider a doxygen module as an 
alternative. Check out the existing modules.

> i noticed that many people (at least new one) gets disoriented with so
> many features of clam, and doesn't know well what kind of things can
> do or be useful or not. I thought in some dynamic user friendly doc to
> solve this, here a (very short) demo to get the idea:
> http://h.ordia.com.ar/mindmaps/clam-framework.html
> (note that nodes can be expanded and shrunk)
> was made with freemind (java based ->crossplatform) and can be easily
> embedded in a browser.

Java is not my friend ;-) I should try it from a different computer. :-(

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