[Clam-devel] question about ladspa latence advancement

Pau Arumí parumi at iua.upf.edu
Mon Nov 12 04:04:42 PST 2007

El dl 12 de 11 del 2007 a les 14:20 +0800, en/na globot va escriure:
> hi Pau Arumi,
> I am a little overloaded with my project since 3 weeks (i must finish a 
> first release candidate for december) i will soon restart working on 
> sound processing and i would like to know where you are with ladspa 
> latency problems ?
> can i hope to be able to use it soon ? or should i relay on a fortune 
> solution ?
> after i finish the main part of my project (auto adaptative multi-agents 
> system, maintain db consitency in a highly unstable environnement, easy 
> to use interface for stupid users, never crashing sound processing), I 
> hope i can finish the time seeking for Mpeg and Ogg files...

Hi Globot,

I said I was about to implement it but then it fell down in my personal
todo list - I'm finishing a project with clam, on audio spacialization,
for december where (very) low latency is not a must.

However, it's an important fix and I appreciate that you push for it.
Give me till Friday before looking for a "fortune solution" (didn't know
the expression and like it :) )


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