[Clam-devel] GSoC 08 Projects

Xavier Amatriain xavier at amatriain.net
Sun May 25 14:47:35 PDT 2008

We are very happy to announce the final list of this year's projects in 
the Google Summer of Code.
We have been extremely fortunate to have a large number of great 
students apply for CLAM this
year and we are confident that the 5 projects outlined below will have a 
huge impact on the project
and the CLAM "family":

Natanael Olaiz UNQ, Argentina (http://www.unq.edu.ar )
"Network scalability and Blender integration"
This is a two sided project. The first part will improve the usability
of CLAM networks allowing users to hierarchically embed networks as a
processing units. The second part consists in developing a set of Blender
plugins and CLAM networks to drive audio spacialization based on direct
sound from Blender 3D geometries.

Yushen Han (Indiana University, US)
"Real-time woodwind instrument synthesizer using SMS models"
The project consists in building a real-time synthesizer based on CLAM
processing plugins, using SMS models, allowing flexible sound timber
manipulation. This project is a continuation to Greg Kellum's 2007 GSoC

Francisco Tufro (UBA, Argentina)
"MIDI Implementation for Network Editor"
This project is both about developing all the needed and most common
MIDI processings and also about doing all the required refactorings to
the Framework in order to achieve this (i.e. Typed Controls).

Pawel Bartkiewicz (AGH University, Poland)
"Standalone chord extractor application"
This project is about adapting CLAM's chord extraction technology into an
standalone application focusing on usability for instrument players. This
project will integrate existing visual and processing components and it 
have impact on the interaction between realtime and offline CLAM components.

Wang Jun (Chinese Academy of Science, China)
"AnnMerger-to stand on the shoulders of the masses"
This project goal is add into Annotator the ability of combining several
sources of several kinds (webservice, database, files, extractors) into a
single project. Secondary goals are providing new data sources and 
the program workflow.

Read here for more details on the projects:

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