[Clam-devel] [Patch] - Resize / Setsize Issue in SpectralPeakArray

Han, Yushen yushen.han at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 12:46:48 PDT 2008


I send this patch (my first patch to CLAM)  to fix a problem that
leads to a setsize-without-resize error, which is given by array.hxx.
(Actually I do not understand the necessity in array.hxx that requires
us to do both of setsize and resize.)

The error occured when I modified Greg's LoopingSDIFFileReader.cxx to
be SDIFFileReaderWithLoop.cxx in my simpleOboeSynthesizer.
It came from something like:

void SDIFFileReaderWithLoop::CrossfadeSpectralPeakArrays(SpectralPeakArray&
														SpectralPeakArray& sourceSpectralPeaks2,
														SpectralPeakArray& targetSpectralPeaks,
														float crossfadeFactor)
//	typedef Array<TData> DataArray; in array.hxx	
	DataArray& srcFreqBuffer1 = sourceSpectralPeaks1.GetFreqBuffer();
	DataArray& srcMagBuffer1 = sourceSpectralPeaks1.GetMagBuffer();  //
this will give the Setsize error

To fix this, I add Resize() before Setsize() in SpectralPeakArray.hxx,
which is in CLAM/src/Data/BasicProcessing/
(Do you think it is better if we put the code in SpectralPeakArray.cxx
instead of *.hxx?)

/** Sets the actual size of the different instantiated buffers keeping them
* consistent. If allocated size is less than npeaks, a resize is automatically
* performed on all buffers.
// I think we need the Resize() as well. It does not hurt at least. - Yushen Han

	void SetnPeaks(TSize npeaks)
		if (npeaks>GetnMaxPeaks()) SetnMaxPeaks(npeaks);
		if(HasMagBuffer()) {

I think this may affect quite a few files since SpectralPeakArray is
quite useful...

Best regards,
Han, Yushen
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