[Clam-devel] LockFreeSndfile patch

Ferran Orriols ferran.orriols at gmail.com
Fri Aug 1 02:26:51 PDT 2008

Hi all,

The last sndfile plugin processing was able to write and read multichannel
files, but the problem was that this processing wasn't ready for realtime
aplications. Now this new patch has been developed with a ringbuffer using
lock free algorithms. There are two threads, one is the "disk thread" which
is for reading or writing the audio files and the other is the "jack thread"
or callback which uses the AudioPorts (the Do method in CLAM). This LockFree
sndfile player and writer have a different processing name than
SndfilePlayer and SndfileWriter, the processings are called
LockFreeSndfilePlayer and LockFreeSndfileWriter. That's because this two
processings have to be checked that all is correct and if they have some
problems you can continue using the SndfilePlayer and SndfileWriter
processings if you want. I have checked it in some cases and the processings
worked. I have attached the patch with the two Lock free processings for do
the commit.

This processing is also multichannel and the format files that you can read
or write are PCM_Wav Integer 16,24,32 bits, Float 32,64 bits  and Flac 16
Now I have to work with the "seek-in-control" and the compatibility with
another formats like MP3 o OGG.

Thats all,

Ferran Orriols
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