[Clam-devel] Re: launchpad

Karsten Krispin karsten.mailinglists at krispin.de
Wed Aug 6 17:04:38 PDT 2008


First, thank you, Pau, for the hint to Launchpad.

I'm currently preparing my project ( https://launchpad.net/nsynth ) for beeing 
managed via launchpad. Quite cool platform. :)

Now I discovered the possibility to project groups.


That are some kind of meta-groups where serveral projects could register at.

I want to ask you, whether you would ask the launchpad guys to create a clam 
meta group.

I suppose that the current clam project needs to be renamed then, possibly 
into clam-lib. That project could be integrated into clam meta group, in 

How ever. I would like to be able to link my project to CLAM. If it won't 
bother you guys... ;)


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