[Clam-devel] SegmentationView: Centring on current frame

Pawel Bartkiewicz tuuresairon at gmail.com
Mon Aug 11 08:38:27 PDT 2008


I have added two new properties to SegmentationView: "centre" and
"zoom". The first one controls whether the widget should centre the
view on current frame (obtained with
SegmentationDataSource::currentTime()), the second one sets the amount
of time in seconds which should be visible. By default "centre" is set
to false and "zoom" is set to 20, so SegmentationView default
behaviour hasn't changed. However, after calling
SegmentationView::setCentre(true) the widget displays segmentation in
a way better suited for using in Turnaround. Additionally, there's a
small triangle marker in the centre of the widget when in the second

I haven't tested it in NetworkEditor because I can't compile newest
NE, so if anyone can test it for me it'd be great.

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