[Clam-devel] LibloSource in NE

Han, Yushen yushen.han at gmail.com
Wed Aug 13 16:28:48 PDT 2008

Hi, Pau

I am so glad that you are back with your thesis done!

With lots help from David, I was compiling CLAM+qt4.4 for 3 times and
finally I got rid of most of the problems in my NE
(I will start another thread for a remaining warning when I load a
plugin processing, but it did not really hurt.)

The good news is that my command line version RealtimeSMSSynthesizer
can use both input from a score file and that from a OSC source in
real time (the OSC message was being sent from a Python script (using
osc.pyc) executed in another console).

(1) I am having a problem in making LibloSource work in NE.
When I try to start the network "threecontrols.clamnetwork"
in which we have a LibloSource and 3 ControlPrinters,
it gave a error "PortAudio Error #-9996: Invalid device" (in p.s.).

I am sure that the configuration is correct (path "/clam/target", port "7000")
because the feedback function "controls_handler()" in LibloSource did
correctly capture the OSC messages sent to the same path/port by the
python script from another console.

(2) I also have a question about the usage of LibloSink and LibloSource.
Should we use the inControl  of LibloSink or the outControl of LibloSource?
I noticed that outControl in LibloSource is private and inControl in
LibloSink is public.
It seems that you want me to use the inControl by connecting the two.
Apparently it is the LibloSource that has the callback functions to
capture the information.
But why do we need LibloSink as well?

Best regards,
Han, Yushen

156-56-219-141:TestOSC yushen$ NetworkEditor
Loading /Users/yushen/CLAM/example-data/threecontrols.clamnetwork...
LibloSource::ConcreteConfigure server NOT started -- default config
Starting the server
LibloSource::ConcreteConfigure: STARTING the server. port 8000
updating selection on context menu
updating selection on context menu
updating selection on context menu
updating selection on context menu
Default API 0
* Core Audio (0)
	 (0/0) *<  *<  Built-in Microphone Inputs: 2 Outputs: 0
	 (1/1)         Built-in Input Inputs: 2 Outputs: 0
	 (2/2)   *>  *>Built-in Output Inputs: 0 Outputs: 2
	 (3/3)         Soundflower (2ch) Inputs: 2 Outputs: 2
	 (4/4)         Soundflower (16ch) Inputs: 16 Outputs: 16
  skeleton implementation (1)
Portaudio Chosen API: Core Audio 0
PortAudio Error #-9996: Invalid device

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