[Clam-devel] Problem with CascadingTypedControls & SVN Down

Francisco Tufró nictuku at gmail.com
Sun Dec 14 14:36:20 PST 2008

I'm trying to use CascadingTypedInControl to implement a callbacked version
of the MIDISink processing and something is not working ok.
I do the following:
1) create a MIDISource and a MIDISink and connect them.
2) Send some data to the midi source, but the callback function is never

I think that the problem comes from TypedOutControl::DoControl().

template<class TypedControlData>
void TypedOutControl<TypedControlData>::SendControl(const TypedControlData&
typename std::list< InControlBase * >::iterator it;
for (it=mLinks.begin(); it!=mLinks.end(); it++) {

It's casting the OutControlBase from the mLinks to
TypedInControl<TypedControlData>, and then using the DoControl from
TypedInControl<TypedControlData>, but never uses the one from the
Is this the problem?, or i'm doing something wrong in the code?. If this is
the problem, what do we do to solve it?
I've attached the MIDISink code.

PS: Is the svn down? I can't connect to it.
That's all by now.
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