[Clam-devel] mac osx compilation

Pau Arum’i parumi at iua.upf.edu
Wed Jan 23 04:53:01 PST 2008

well the headers are there. i wouldn't been able to compile NE else.
the "undefined interface" error sounds very familiar to me.
i'm 100% sure david will know the cause :)

on a related matter:

i've just succeed compiling the plugins. alas, but they don't load, i 
guess the dlopen code is not fully cross-platform. will look into it later.
i found liblo on an alternate repository. i'll add instructions on how 
to set up the source in the wiki once the maintainer apply my patch, 
since the port file was broken (bad up-source url)


En/na Francisco Tufró ha escrit:
> I had that error previously.
> the only way i could solve it was compilling qt4 myself on a custom 
> prefix.
> for some reason qt didn't installed the includes, so when i compiled 
> them myself it did.
> luck!
> Francisco
> On Jan 23, 2008 9:53 AM, Pau Arum'i <parumi at iua.upf.edu 
> <mailto:parumi at iua.upf.edu>> wrote:
>     good news on the mac osx front:
>     i've successfully compiled and run networkeditor and related apps.
>     - mac-ports have new valuable packages: portaudio and qt4-mac (version
>     4.3.3) (aqua not x11), which makes the overall set up much easier!
>     - SConstruct and qt4.py sconstool needed some tweeks since the qt4
>     port
>     install is different from the up-source binary install. we'll have to
>     decide if support only the port version or both.
>     - the wiki osx build is updated
>     the bundle (.app) and package (.dmg) steps also works
>     BUT i it stucks building the libWidgetPlugin target:
>     /opt/local/bin/moc -o
>     src/clamWidgetsPlugin/generated/moc_KeySpacePlugin.cxx
>     src/clamWidgetsPlugin/KeySpacePlugin.hxx
>     src/clamWidgetsPlugin/KeySpacePlugin.hxx:33: Error: Undefined
>     interface
>     why is that?
>     pau
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