[Clam-devel] Re: [CLAM] [Fwd: You are invited to take part in The Google Summer of Code (tm) 2008]

David García Garzón dgarcia at iua.upf.edu
Tue Mar 18 07:07:37 PDT 2008

On Tuesday 18 March 2008 00:11:26 Georg Holzmann wrote:
> Hallo!
> > Tonight mail brought great news for CLAM! :-)
> Congratulations !
> As I am a student in sound-engineering (and mainly a developer in the pd
> world for some years) I would be interested in the following projects:
> 1. integrating libflac, libspeex and maybe aubio to CLAM
> 2. python binding for CLAM
> Are there already other students interessted in these two projects
> and/or do you see them relevant ?

Last week we realized that libflac integration is not needed since libsndfile 
suports flac, we should just add several new enums.

speex support is not as prioritary as flac but it would be interesting as 
well. Then the aubio part is pretty interesting. I would recomend you to get 
into CLAM basics in order you to understand the challenges of having as 
output a segmentation and propose an idea on how to address it.

> Project 1 would be quite straight forward I guess ...
> However, I don't know how easy the python integration would be.
> ATM I am using python/numpy for my master-thesis and already wrote some
> SWIG interface files where parts get added to the official numpy
> distribution (for my aureservoir library:
> http://aureservoir.sourceforge.net/).
> But do you also want to make all your GUIs available in python ?

Having experience with python, numpy and swig is a very valuable point. We 
were more interested in SIP because it seems simpler (and because pyqt uses 
it) but we are open to change our mind provided some good arguments.

As we say on the proposal there are a lot of points were we could integrate 
python. Each one is a potential GSoC project by itself:

- Exposing basic NetworkEditor operations (connect, create, delete, select, 
copy, play...), interactive console + completition on ops, processings and 
- Full (or better partially) exporting of the C++ CLAM API to allow full 
- Being able to implement a processing (there are some real-time constraints 
not solveable with python)
- Control scoring, that is (a processing) sending controls to processings of a 
network according to a python script similarly to csound scores.
- Descriptors manipulation, for the annotator, that is accessing descriptors 
for example, as numpy arrays and performing operations on them to get other 

My advice is that you should contrast your ideas with ours in a IRC chat.


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