[Clam-devel] python and clam (was: ... GSoC2008 ...)

Georg Holzmann grh at mur.at
Thu Mar 20 12:28:25 PDT 2008


> For me two options would be interesting:
> 1. exporting of the C++ CLAM API to allow full programming
> 2. use clam processings and processing-data with python/numpy
> In case 2 it would be nice if one gets the processing data in python as 
> numpy arrays, so it could integrate in the whole scipy/numpy world.
> What I am not sure ATM is how this should work for your dynamic 
> attributes - did you already think about that ?

I looked now a little bit into your dynamic types and I am not really 
shure how this should work in python ...

These dynamic attributes are specified at compile time, right ?
Did someone ever thought about how this should work in python or any 
other scripting language ?

ATM I can only think about compiling different python wrapper classes 
for different attribute combinations or adding all attributes per 
default (don't know if that is possible).
However, both methods are of course not optimal ...

Do you see any other solution, or am I maybe thinking in a wrong way ;) ?


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