[Clam-devel] Duplicate proposals

Xavier Amatriain xavier at amatriain.net
Tue Apr 1 14:07:02 PDT 2008

I hate to say that I was wrong on this :-( The guys from Google just 
explained that a student can have as many applications as she wants. It 
is up to us to rank only the one we consider most interesting. Sorry 
about the confusion and for those students that acted accordingly, don't 
worry, we will fix it in the webapp.


Xavier Amatriain wrote:
> Hi all,
> As much as we like to get as many proposals as possible note that it 
> is only allowed to have one proposal per student. If you would like to 
> propose several projects this should be done in the context of one 
> single proposal in the webapp. So, for those of you that already 
> submitted more than one, please let me know which one you want to keep 
> and edit that one so that it reflects your multiple interests.
> Thanx
> X
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