[Clam-devel] Re: MidiMon (A simple midi test)

Francisco Tufró nictuku at gmail.com
Sat Apr 19 08:49:09 PDT 2008

The code has some errors because of tests i forgot.
I'm repairing this and adding some features for configuration, when they are
finished i'll send the new version to the list.

On Sat, Apr 19, 2008 at 12:13 AM, Francisco Tufró <nictuku at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello, i've started to do some tests with midi and created a simple plugin
> that just decodes midi messages (midi message, midi data 1, and midi data 2)
> and outputs its value on 3 control outputs.
> It also has a testing network.
> It's not so usefull right now, but it's trivial to obtain usefull
> information for midi controlling with this example.
> It requires PortMIDI to be installed on the system.
> You can configure the device you get midi from. (right now it outputs the
> list to the console, i will update it with a list on the configuration
> later)
> Hope you like it :)
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