[Clam-devel] GSoC, patch and questions...: Patch for autoadd sink and source

Pau Arumí Albó parumi at iua.upf.edu
Thu Apr 24 16:44:16 PDT 2008

El dj 24 de 04 del 2008 a les 17:36 -0300, en/na Natanael Olaiz va
> Here is a new version. I merged onAddSource, onAddMonitor and onAddSink 
> on onAddLinkedProcessing.
> About the "f" type.... I have no idea (I putted a comment). :-)
> Also I touched your icons to use in arrows the same color of audio 
> signals, and resized a little.
> Best regards,
> Natanael.

Commit 11326 :-)

         * Natanael Olaiz "add_processing_sink_and_source" patch. 
           Thanks Natanael!
         ** It is basically a generalization of the existing
            code in NetworkCanvas
         ** Icons files are retreived from processing factory metadata
         ** Icons metadata added for Source and Sink processings

And very important, the screenshot proving the new feature -- a simple
feature but will be VERY used for sure.

(BTW, we keep visual track of every new user-interface features :
http://iua-share.upf.edu/wikis/clam/index.php/Development_screenshots )


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