[Clam-devel] Re: Windows native compilation

JunJun wangjun at dsp.ac.cn
Tue Apr 29 01:02:21 PDT 2008

> I should have "used the code, luke". Id3 just uses this macro in visual, in 
> any other compiler it just ignores it. So I definitely removed the 
> LINKOPTIONS lines. Emm, adding those options or not doesn't affect this problem.
> The bad news is that this is not the problem you have. So, my second guess has 
> adquired relevance: we are compiling as it were C++ (with g++) and linking as 
> it were C (with gcc). The puzzling fact is that crosscompilation works 
> without problems. So we need to know which is the test is failing. The pasted 
> config.log, is missing the lines that say that. That information is given by 
> the console output (checking id3 header/compiling/linking/runnig, id3 
> header/compiling/linking/run failed) or maybe some lines above in the 
> config.log. Could you paste the full config.log or attaching it to the list?Yes, I missed some lines on the top. The config.log is attached. 

> As you can see adding support to a 'new' platform is somewhat tedious and 
> sloow. This is why i wanted it solved as soon as we can and then enjoy 
> coding.Actually not that tedious to me (maybe it is to you;). Nevertheless, the listed topics in the say-hi letter:- Helping you to set up the development environment- Defining your project scope and work plan- Discovering and addressing any missing skill and tools you will need- Introducing you to the Annotator code base (that one will take longer)Should we keep on with multi-thread? Say defining the project scope and work plan? BTW,although rather trifling diffs,may I send the patch to the list? 
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