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JunJun wangjun at dsp.ac.cn
Wed Apr 30 07:11:13 PDT 2008

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On Tuesday 29 April 2008 10:08:42 JunJun wrote:
> (Oops, The last mail fails except the attachment. Send it again)
> > I should have "used the code, luke". Id3 just uses this macro in visual,
> > in any other compiler it just ignores it. So I definitely removed the
> > LINKOPTIONS lines.
> Emm, adding those options or not doesn't affect this problem.

Adding them hadn't any effect. Neither removing them. So, better removed.

> > The bad news is that this is not the problem you have. So, my second
> > guess has adquired relevance: we are compiling as it were C++ (with g++)
> > and linking as it were C (with gcc). The puzzling fact is that
> > crosscompilation works without problems. So we need to know which is the
> > test is failing. The pasted config.log, is missing the lines that say
> > that. That information is given by the console output (checking id3
> > header/compiling/linking/runnig, id3 header/compiling/linking/run failed)
> > or maybe some lines above in the config.log. Could you paste the full
> > config.log or attaching it to the list?
> Yes, I missed some lines on the top. The config.log is attached.

Ok, try to configure with the --verbose option so that the actual command will 
appear on the log instead of  messages such as "== 
Compiling .sconf_temp\conftest_36.cpp" 

I am almost sure that this will confirm we are linking with gcc instead of 
g++. The problem is why, as I we are telling CheckLibWithHeader (line 119) 
that it is a c++ library.

> > As you can see adding support to a 'new' platform is somewhat tedious and
> > sloow. This is why i wanted it solved as soon as we can and then enjoy
> > coding.
> Actually not that tedious to me (maybe it is to you;). Nevertheless, the
> listed topics in the say-hi letter: - Helping you to set up the development
> environment
> - Defining your project scope and work plan
> - Discovering and addressing any missing skill and tools you will need
> - Introducing you to the Annotator code base (that one will take longer)
> Should we keep on with multi-thread? Say defining the project scope and
> work plan? 

You are right, we should not block on the compilation. The next time we meet, 
besides let's talk of the topics we already can talk about.

> BTW,although with rather trifling diffs,may I send the patch to 
> the list?

You are wellcome to send any patch to the list. Patches are better when they 
are small and address just one small thing. In fact, if you have diffs, even 
if they are not to be applied to the svn, is good to know see them, in order 
to diagnose problems.  

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